Three Tech Biases

Moa Hammarback
2 min readDec 10, 2020

It’s now been over a year since i first was introduced to the world of code. I was looking for a new path and luckily i’ve found tjejer kodar and their free four days introduction to code. Before that i had zero experience, but that does not mean that i did not have my own biases against it. Here i will share my three tech biases, and how i feel about them now.

  1. You need to be a genius

To work with code, or even have it as an interest, you must be a genius. You must live and breath math and languages or you will never stand a chance. I clearly do not think like this anymore, and really, how many people are geniuses?

2. It’s a lonely profession

I truly believed this myth that if you work with code you will sit alone, probably in a basement and never interact with other humans again. Looking back i can only laugh, maybe movies should not be consider a source.

four animals doing mob programming
Teamwork makes the dream work!

3. Code = Zero creativity

I thought it was a monotonous work where everyday would be just like the day before. If you read this and you work with code, you know how incredibly wrong i was. Now i’m working mostly with the front-end, but i couldn’t before ever imagine how creative, fun and visually rewarding it actually is.

The last bias, number three is one i believe is one of the biggest biases/myths about tech in general and one that we should work hard to break. We are in need of more people in the industry, so why wouldn’t we want to highlight one of the biggest benefits to this profession?